The Fit of a Faviana Gown is Unmatched

Faviana is known worldwide for their expert work in fit. The fit of a Faviana gown is unmatched! While Faviana has a wide range of gorgeous, unique gowns, we are going to highlight some of our favorite little black dresses today! Christian Dior says, “You can wear black at any time. You can wear it at any age. You may wear it for almost any occasion.” That just shows that a black dress is fabulous in all aspects! No matter what event you are going to, you cannot go wrong with a black dress. Faviana has a huge selection of fabulous black dresses, all in different styles so they are unique! A huge staple from Faviana is using lace to embellish their gowns. They often design relatively simple gowns and use lace to jazz them up a bit. Style 7750 is a fabulous look from Faviana that really captures their signature style! This gorgeous look has a jersey skirt, so it is fitted but comfortable. The sleek shirt is paired with a nude bodice, which is embellished with fabulous lace detailing. There is illusion mesh on the chest and the lace applique comes up tall to form a halter style. This dress looks fabulous and chic in black, but the other colors it comes in are just as amazing! You have the choice of bordeaux (plum/burgundy), coral, evergreen, and royal; all of the hottest colors of the year! You really cannot go wrong with any of these stunning hues, or with this style in general, overall it’s a win win! Simplistic is the way to go to be elegant, but on trend at prom. Faviana makes a plethora of gowns that are on the simpler side to make the dress compliment you, instead of the dress overpowering you. Style S7999 is another one of our favorites that really exemplifies Faviana’s style. This is another jersey dress that will show off those curves! The sides are illusion mesh that is adorned with lace details. The back is also this way across the shoulders but the rest is open. This gorgeous lace extends most of the way down the back and creates so much amazing detail! This style comes in red, navy, light blue, maroon, forest green, and of course, black! This style looks absolutely amazing in every color, we just cannot pick a favorite! These two gowns give you a little glimpse into what Faviana has to offer! These gowns will have you looking effortlessly gorgeous at prom 2018! The perfect thing about these simplistic dresses is that they can be worn time and time again! You can wear it to prom, winter formal, a special dinner party, and then you can save it and wear it in college! Designs like these never go out of style!