Trendy Hair Accessories

Hair accessories have been huge this season and we see this fabulous trend going straight into summer! Head bands, hair clips and barrettes are making an epic comeback and we are loving it! Adding some accessories to your look can take your ensemble from drab to fab!!

Let’s start with headbands. We all remember the days of the plastic headbands, and we could all agree that that trend is best in the past; but these headbands we have been seeing are much more trendy! Most are cloth or velvet, and come in a plethora of colors and patterns. Some of our favorites are embellished with pearls or rhinestones to spice up any outfit!

They look cute with a messy bun, loose waves or anything in between!

Clips and barrettes are also super cute accessories that will definitely make you look trendy and unique! Styling your hair like you normally would, but adding in some clips or barrettes on the side will jazz up your look so easily! One of our favorite styles is all the hair down, with loose waves and then clips or barrettes pulling back one side. This pulls some hair back from your face, and adds in an interesting factor!

Hair scarves are still a huge trend, and influencers everywhere are finding new and exciting ways to wear them! Wear them tied into a braid, as a headband, or use it to pull all of your hair back - there are soooo many options! All of these accessories are so trendy and cute! They will be perfect to mix into your spring and summer outfits to top off your look!