Trendy Prints

This season has brought some of the most vibrant and fun fashion, and one huge trend we keep seeing is prints! Prints have been so popular this past fall and winter, and they are carrying over into spring and summer! Some of the biggest ones we see sticking around are: cheetah, dalmatian dots and tie dye.

It is no secret that cheetah print has been huge this past year, and we do not see that changing anytime soon. As for spring styles, we have been seeing lots of cheetah print sandals, super cute skirts, tons of other accessories like headbands, belts, etc. Cheetah is one of those prints that can be worn in any season, and can be dressed up or down for any occasion!

Next up, dalmatian! You may be wondering what this print could be, but you have definitely seen it around already. It is the unique black dots on the white background. This print is putting a modern spin on classic polka dots, and this dalmatian-inspired print is just too cute! Our favorite fashion pieces we have seen thus far, are flouncy skirts, and super cute sun-dresses.

Last but not least is a super trendy print that comes back every few seasons - tie dye! But not the usual tie dye that comes to mind. The trendy tie dye we have been seeing is subtle, and is typically pastel! Such a fabulous color scheme for this time of year! From dressy tie dye outfits, to matching top and jogger sets, tie dye can be dressy or relaxed!