Vibrant Nail Inspo

Summer means brighter everything! Brighter days, brighter clothes and brighter nails! So, we thought we could compile some of our favorite summer nail trends we have been seeing to give you some super cute summer nail inspo!

First, you guys know we love multi-colored nails! A different color for each finger or alternating colors are just so cute! Summer is the perfect time to try this combo out because you have so many different hues to work with! One of our favorites is peach, coral, and pink! Various shades of these three colors pair together perfectly and the colors will go with any outfit!

Patterns are also a great call when it comes to making your nails festive! Some cute designs we have seen include things like: palm leaves, stars, sunshine, and any kind of simple floral! We found the cutest palm designs on Pinterest! Most of them had a base of white on the nail and then pretty green palm leaves, while the rest of the nails were painted pink! It gives us total Beverly Hills Hotel vibes!!

If you are wanting to keep it simple, solid nails can still be made super fun! Neon colors are huge right now, so that is always a great option! Neon green, yellow or pink can be perfect for summer time festivities! We also love a soft blue tone, almost periwinkle color! It is unique and looks so pretty next to a nice golden tan!