A Dress for Every Dream with Tiffany Designs

“A dress for every dream” is the perfect motto for Tiffany Designs. They have it all!

tiffany-16250Tiffany Designs 2017 prom collection is bursting with bright colors and patterns to refresh this prom season’s styling. Another main focus of Tiffany is mermaid skirts, which come in a wider variety that you would expect; they range from the standard mermaid, to layered skirts, and very full sweep trained designs. So, there is lots to choose from! The Tiffany design house has also thrown a new pattern into the mix – stripes. These stripes are incorporated in a two-piece gown that has a striped mermaid skirt. This dress will be the only one of its kind at your prom, so stand out and wear Tiffany!

High necks and lots of embellishments are an insanely popular trend especially in the Tiffany Design signature line. Fully beaded bodices are paired with luminous shades of your favorite colors to create the most perfect ensemble at your next formal event. These beaded bodices make the dress unlike any other. The intricate layout of the beads and stones makes the dresses increasingly interesting as well as striking. These dresses are the way to go if you are in to sparkle!

tiffany-16223Ball gowns are always a must-have in every formal collection.  Tiffany has taken this popular style and created so many new and exciting looks. One eye catching ball gown in the line is a two-piece black and blue floral skirt, this is a new take on ball gowns and florals alike. Tiffany has also incorporated their stripe pattern into the ball gowns that will catch every eye in the room!

Along with the luminous colors that Tiffany Designs often uses, they have incorporated stunning colors such as gunmetal gray and a deep royal blue which give a navy hue to the shade.  These rising color trends are a must with the designers on Tiffany does not disappoint.  These dramatic hues are embellished with tons of beading, sequins, and lace to make a unique look.  Many floral patterns have been added to these gowns that perfectly complement the dress itself.  The genius use of pinks and burgundies on one of the gunmetal dresses is gorgeous and I’m sure every girl will agree this season!

So, when Tiffany Designs says they have “a dress for every dream”  they do!

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