A Fabulous Glance at the Styling of Sherri Hill

Every designer has a certain style that becomes their staple. Yes, they all produce a variety of styles, but there is typically a style or two that they make multiple designs. Sherri Hill does this with a few of her designs, as well. They are the dresses that you can just glance at and know that it is a Sherri Hill.

One of signature styles includes the two-piece with a halter crop and beading on the neck and waist band.  Sherri Hill has taken this gorgeous style and created of this seasons most desirable looks.

50977-white-1You really do not want to miss out on these oh so fabulous dresses! It is absolutely astonishing that Sherri Hill can take a look and add embellishment, and give the design a whole new feel. For starters, the Sherri Hill staple look can be seen in style 50977. This dress is the halter crop, but this time it is lace. The neck is accented with royal and white beads. The skirt is has an a-line look to it and has beading across the waist, matching the neck. The bead work on this dress provides the perfect pop of color!

So, you are not big on full skirts, Sherri Hill has made taken our favorite style with a jersey skirt. The halter neck is still the same, but this time it is embellished with embroidery! That’s right, the beloved Sherri Hill floral embroidery is on this dress! Style 51059 is complete with beading on the neck, bodice, waist, in addition to the floral cross stitching. Also, stunning with the floral applique stitching is 51148! So, if you are looking for a form fitting, but very comfortable skirt, a jersey is the way to go!

50924-pink-3Along with these amazing Sherri styles,  the use of the portrait neckline stands out to us. If you are not sure what a portrait neckline looks like, check out style 50924. This element of design is typically seen with her popular vintage print skirts. The combination of the simple top and full patterned skirt makes for a very balanced and tasteful look. Style 50924 is a light pink, portrait neck crop with the yellow pattern a-line skirt. The same neckline is also available in style 51015; this style has a mermaid skirt and is printed in the vintage blue print while paired with a coordinating blue top. What is so great about a portrait neck? The portrait neckline is a fresh style that Sherri Hill has incorporated into her current line. This top has a beautiful fit allowing you to wear a higher neckline, without having a collar or any kind of choker.

These are just a few of Sherri Hill’s signature designs, she has hundreds! These gorgeous dresses are in high demand, so get your search on now!

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