Hello Spring, Hello New Hairstyle

Have you been dreaming of getting your hair chopped forever, but always shy away once you see your stylist? It’s time to stop saying, “Just a trim”! Spring is the perfect time to cut off those dead ends and rock a new look. Here are gorgeous haircuts that are trending for Spring 2018. THE LOB- We’ve all been there. You saw all of the gorgeous Pinterest “lob” styles, but wondered if you could really pull it off? Good news, there’s a reason this look is so popular-- because it’s so flattering! The key is knowing how long you really want your lob to be. Play around with your shorter layers and see if you like the way those pieces frame your face. Because lobs are so trendy, they’re the perfect style to pair with ombre tones or an ashy blonde for an effortlessly cool look. CHOPPY LAYERS- If you’ve waited years for your hair to be long and don’t want to lose your length, try some choppy layers. They will take some of the weigh off of your hair giving you more volume and body. Who doesn’t want that?? If you’re trying to achieve the trendy messy look, ask your stylist to give you razor cut layers. The ends of your hair will be rougher allowing you to easily create an “undone” look. THE MAJOR CHOP- Okay, so you’ve decided you want something totally different. Maybe your split ends are out of control or your hair is dead from endless bleaching. Maybe you’re just ready for an all new look. One of the funnest looks this spring is a bob. It’s short and flirty, and you can change your whole look! If you’re considering taking the plunge, good for you, girl! Cutting your hair short is like a right of passage, every girl should do it at least once! However, we recommend that you don’t go from mermaid hair to super short all at once. Talk seriously with your stylist and go shorter gradually. We know you’re going to look great!