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Winter Hair Trends

Does this mid-winter weather have you feeling down? Well, we know just the way to fix your winter blues - new hair! There is nothing quite as refreshing as switching up your look! These colder days are the perfect time to try out a new shade, chop a few inches or just switch up your style. Now is a great time to switch up your color. Add in some low-lights to soften up your blonde shade, or highlights to brighten up your deep tone. Ombre and Balayage are also great options to try without having to commit to all-over color. These will add a little flare to your look and will have you feeling like a new woman! If you...

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Hello Spring, Hello New Hairstyle

Have you been dreaming of getting your hair chopped forever, but always shy away once you see your stylist? It’s time to stop saying, “Just a trim”! Spring is the perfect time to cut off those dead ends and rock a new look. Here are gorgeous haircuts that are trending for Spring 2018. THE LOB- We’ve all been there. You saw all of the gorgeous Pinterest “lob” styles, but wondered if you could really pull it off? Good news, there’s a reason this look is so popular-- because it’s so flattering! The key is knowing how long you really want your lob to be. Play around with your shorter layers and see if you like the way those pieces frame...

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Hottest New Hairstyles

New year, new hair! There is something so powerful about getting your hair done, especially if you are going for a different color. 2017 was full of medium tones and lots of curls, but 2018 is the year to step it up! So far, we are seeing some hair trends pop up for the new year. Beach waves are a style that goes in and out, but it is in for this year! Subtle waves are a great everyday hairstyle. They give you lots of volume, a little texture, and so many outfit options. I don’t know about you, but I have to plan my outfit around how my hair is looking that day, it’s a struggle! But, with subtle...

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