Hottest New Hairstyles

New year, new hair! There is something so powerful about getting your hair done, especially if you are going for a different color. 2017 was full of medium tones and lots of curls, but 2018 is the year to step it up! So far, we are seeing some hair trends pop up for the new year. Beach waves are a style that goes in and out, but it is in for this year! Subtle waves are a great everyday hairstyle. They give you lots of volume, a little texture, and so many outfit options. I don’t know about you, but I have to plan my outfit around how my hair is looking that day, it’s a struggle! But, with subtle waves, you can wear anything! It is such a versatile hairstyle that it will look great with a relaxed, comfy outfit or look more dressy for date night! This style will have you looking beautiful, but effortless! To achieve the perfect waves, you can use any size curling wand or iron, the bigger the barrel the more subtle the waves. Slightly curl your hair in sections and tease your hair a little bit at your crown. Once everything has been curled, flip your hair over a few times to shake out the curls. Use a teasing comb to smooth down the top and spray! Perfection! While you can master the waves at home, you will have to go to the salon for this one! A “lob” or longer bob has been a huge trend in hairstyles! A long bob consists of a few longer layers to create a gorgeous cut that really highlights your facial features and structure. A Lob is typically shoulder length or a little longer, that part is up to you! This haircut is such a refreshing style, we just love it! Ombre or balayage is often used to add some flare or new color to this gorgeous style. The color goes perfectly with the trendy style! A new hairstyle or color will have you feeling like a brand new person! A relaxing trip to the salon is much needed after getting a jump start on the new year; treat yourself! Whether it is flouncy waves or a brand new cut, trying something new will not hurt! We cannot wait to see all the other new hair trends that appear throughout the year!