Healthy and Fun Hair!

Welcome back to the blog, lovelies! Who else on here is already running out of ways to do their hair? Actually who else is strangling with keeping it healthy!? From heatless styles to great shampoos and conditioners, this blog has got plenty of ideas to lazily style your hair and keep it healthy!

So, let’s start this thing out with new and improved shampoo and conditioner! I swear this is the best duo I have ever used. Function of Beauty is a completely customizable shampoo and conditioner that will totally change your hair game. You can also find them at Target along with the #HairGoal Boosters. I mean come on, if it’s at Target don’t we have to love it?

Now, let’s talk about hairstyles. Are you bored of the basic braid? Try out the bubble braid. You’ve probably seen celebrities like Gigi Hadid wearing them recently. This braid is totally cute and super 90s chic! It’s obviously going to be all the rage this fashion season.

The final thing we’re going to talk about is the hair clips. Clips have constantly been talked about since last July, and we can totally see why. Clips are super cute! I mean come on, you can get them in like every design and color, so of course we’re going to love them. However, Kitsch just came out with a super cute new design! This adorable half, open oval is super trendy and will definitely spice up your outfit’s look!