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Beach Bag Must Haves

We are feeling all of the summer vibes over here and we have never been more ready for a new season! Summer brings all the sunshine, pool days, vacations, and everything in between. Whether you are heading to tan by the pool, having a lake day with your best friends, or are road tripping to the nearest beach with your family, you have to be prepared! We rounded up some absolute must haves for summer fun!

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Hair Inspo for Special Events

For some, prom is still on the horizon and for others, they are looking towards graduation, and other special senior days. No matter what special occasions you have coming up, we have the perfect special occasion hairstyle options for you! We have been searching for days to round up the best, versatile special event hairstyles that can make you look fabulous no matter how formal the occasion is! 

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Accessorizing Your Prom Look

We have talked a ton about dresses, hairstyles, nails, and now we have to talk about accessories! Accessories can make or break your prom look and we want you ALL to feel completely put together and fabulous on your special day! 

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