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Hair Inspo for Special Events

For some, prom is still on the horizon and for others, they are looking towards graduation, and other special senior days. No matter what special occasions you have coming up, we have the perfect special occasion hairstyle options for you! We have been searching for days to round up the best, versatile special event hairstyles that can make you look fabulous no matter how formal the occasion is! 

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Perfect Prom Hairstyles

Goodbye February, hello March! Can you believe another month has already passed? The countdown to prom is officially on! Is your prom this month? Next? Well, whenever it is, you have to have the perfect hairstyle to go with your dress! When it comes to formal hairstyles, it really depends on your face shape, hair length/thickness, and of course the style of your gown! One of our very favorite prom styles is the loose curls with the top half pulled back away from your face. This is one of those styles that will never go out of style! It is the perfect combination of wearing your hair up and down. This type of hairstyle is perfect for dresses with thin...

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Trending Hairstyles for Prom

Our favorite time of the year is finally here! You probably already have your dress, and maybe your shoes, but have you decided on what to do with your hair? Well, it usually has to do with the neckline of your dress, if its a high neck or halter, wearing your hair up will really show off the gown. If your dress is strapless, you can wear it up or down! Really, it is up to you of course, but here’s a few pointers! Up-dos are always a popular prom hairstyle, they look intricate and it keeps you from having to worry about your hair all day! The possibilities with up-dos are endless! A gorgeous side braid to hold your...

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