Trending Hairstyles for Prom

Our favorite time of the year is finally here! You probably already have your dress, and maybe your shoes, but have you decided on what to do with your hair? Well, it usually has to do with the neckline of your dress, if its a high neck or halter, wearing your hair up will really show off the gown. If your dress is strapless, you can wear it up or down! Really, it is up to you of course, but here’s a few pointers! Up-dos are always a popular prom hairstyle, they look intricate and it keeps you from having to worry about your hair all day! The possibilities with up-dos are endless! A gorgeous side braid to hold your bangs back and twisted up into a loose, low bun is stunning! It gives you the effortless, but stunning look! If you want to show off the length of your hair, you could always do a sassy ponytail! Curls, and a bump is about all you need for a look like this. Teasing the top layer, especially in the back will give your hair amazing volume and will make your ponytail more perky! To make the ponytail look more formal, wrap a few strands of hair around the hair band to cover it, you would be amazed at the huge difference it makes! Wearing your hair down is always an option, too! So, there are so many ways you can go here, so the choice is yours! One of the most classic prom hairstyles is curled and teased, with half pulled back and pinned, with the rest down. It gives you the best of both worlds, you do not have to wear it all up, but you still have the front pulled back away from your face. Or, you could go with it all down. One of our favorite styles in simple, old Hollywood style, curls. A little teasing because who doesn’t want volume?! And the thinner side of your hair sleek and pinned back. So, if you part your hair from left to right, the left side would be lighter so you would pin back that side. This style is timeless! There are so many options when it comes to prom hair, so get to browsing! The best thing to strive for is to look effortless but stunning! Nothing too tight or stiff, just something that goes with the flow! Good luck and Happy Prom Day!