Super Cute Nail Designs to Try

With Spring fashion officially in full swing, we are ready to take our nails to the next level! There are tons of spring nail trends happening right now, so we rounded up a few of our favorites to give you some inspiration before you head to your next nail appointment! 

Daisies are super trendy right now when it comes to nail art and we could not love the design more!! We love how versatile these little embellishments can be. You can add daisies to any style, whether you want to go for colored tips like shown here, or add them to a solid nail color. The possibilities are endless with these cute flowers!! 

Now is the perfect time to make a bold, bright choice for your nail colors! Toss the neutrals to the side and pick out something fun. We love these pink tip nails with multiple shades. The light pink base really makes the tips pop! Light pink and hot pink work together to make the ultimate spring and summer nail style! If you are not into pink, you can absolutely do this with any other color! 

Smiley faces are also super trendy this season and we are loving it! So, why not add smiley faces to your nails?! We love how this nail look incorporates solids, as well as patterns. The nude undertone on two of the nails really helps the multicolored smiley faces pop! You can also do this pattern with any combination of colors. Is it not so cute?!