Beach Bag Must Haves

We are feeling all of the summer vibes over here and we have never been more ready for a new season! Summer brings all the sunshine, pool days, vacations, and everything in between. Whether you are heading to tan by the pool, having a lake day with your best friends, or are road tripping to the nearest beach with your family, you have to be prepared! We rounded up some absolute must haves for summer fun!

First things first, secure your summer bag. This bag will be your go-to for pool days and beach vacations. This bag will keep all of your summer must-haves together, organized and ready for use! We suggest a large tote that can get wet or sandy, if needed. In addition, also grab a smaller cosmetic zip up bag to store all of your small items or beauty products in to keep everything in order. 

In your bag, you will want to have your go-to sunscreens. Make sure you have a body sunscreen and a face sunscreen. Put them somewhere in the bag where you will have easy access to them - because reapplying is key!! We also suggest adding in a hat or ballcap to throw on when you need to shade your face. Other beauty products may include: a hairbrush, detangle spray, lip balm, hair ties, etc. 

Other key items we cannot forget to include are sunglasses, a reusable water bottle, your favorite towel and maybe even a portable fan. These are all items you will need to enjoy your day in the sun for the long haul. You will be so thankful you came prepared!!