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Hairstyles to Beat the Summer Heat

We are in right in the middle of summer and loving it! Days by the pool and warm starry nights are some of our favorite things. But along with all this summer fun comes a whole lot of heat, and sometimes that’s not so great for our hair. The humidity of summer days can do some serious damage to our locks, like transforming those perfect beach waves into a stick straight style or destroying your sleek look by turning it into some serious frizz. Here are some of our favorite hairstyles to help you beat the summer heat! A high pony is sometimes the most overlooked hairstyle. It is absolutely perfect for summer because it keeps your hair out of...

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Trendy Hairstyles to Try this Summer

Hello warm weather, sunshine, and relaxation! Summer break has begun for most, but for others, it is coming soon! What do you have planned for Summer 2018? Pool days with your besties? Family vacations? Well, no matter where your summer endeavors take you, you can rock one of these trendy summer hairstyles to make you look and feel your best! How many times have you wanted your hair to look cute on the beach but no matter how hard you try, the wind just messes it up?! Literally more times than we can count! Cute beachy hairstyles are achievable! Here are a few styles that are trending for summer 2018! So, who remembers when side braids were life?! We sure...

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