Hairstyles to Beat the Summer Heat

We are in right in the middle of summer and loving it! Days by the pool and warm starry nights are some of our favorite things. But along with all this summer fun comes a whole lot of heat, and sometimes that’s not so great for our hair. The humidity of summer days can do some serious damage to our locks, like transforming those perfect beach waves into a stick straight style or destroying your sleek look by turning it into some serious frizz. Here are some of our favorite hairstyles to help you beat the summer heat! A high pony is sometimes the most overlooked hairstyle. It is absolutely perfect for summer because it keeps your hair out of your face and under control! You can go as clean or messy as you want with this look, just be sure to pull down some loose pieces that will frame your face. You can throw some loose waves in the pony, or even go with your natural strands. It takes about 5 minutes and then you’re good to go! Space buns have been a very trendy look this season. Basically, they are two messy buns on the top of your head, and can actually turn out super cute! If you are skeptical of this trend, try a half-up look with space buns. You still get the full look, but it is slightly less bold. But, if you do try this hairstyle, be sure to use a lot of hairspray and dry shampoo to ensure your space buns stay in place all day! The boho look has been in for a while. The main appeal is that you get to be comfortable, and maybe even lazy, while still looking put together. Boho braids are no different- they are meant to be messy, but still keep your hair from getting frizzy! The best part about these braids is that you can be super creative with them; we recommend putting a couple on the opposite side of your part, loosening them a bit, and then leaving them in for a couple of days! They look super boho chic, and your hair is ready to go when you wake up! SaveSave