Trendy Hairstyles to Try this Summer

Hello warm weather, sunshine, and relaxation! Summer break has begun for most, but for others, it is coming soon! What do you have planned for Summer 2018? Pool days with your besties? Family vacations? Well, no matter where your summer endeavors take you, you can rock one of these trendy summer hairstyles to make you look and feel your best! How many times have you wanted your hair to look cute on the beach but no matter how hard you try, the wind just messes it up?! Literally more times than we can count! Cute beachy hairstyles are achievable! Here are a few styles that are trending for summer 2018! So, who remembers when side braids were life?! We sure do! Well, the braid trend has been revamped and is slaying all summer long. A relaxed french braid is perfect for summer time beach days, it holds your hair out of your face, keeps it from blowing in the wind, but also looks so super cute in photos! Braid it loosely and pull down a few short strands by your face to really give your braid an effortless look! This look is perfect for tanning on the beach or by the pool, or just a fun night out! Another one of our favorites also features a braid. Leave your hair down, either straight, wavy, or curled and then loosely french braid down one side of your hair. This also keeps hair out of your face, while also spicing up a simple all down hairstyle. The braid can also dress it up a bit and make your whole look so much more interesting! Just perfect! In the past few seasons we have seen the rise of the top knot, and it is back for summer 2018! The top knot can either be with all of your hair up, or just the top half up. The half-up, half-down look is definitely a summer favorite. It can be worn literally anywhere! To the pool, to dinner, to a bonfire, really wherever you want to wear it. When doing the top knot, be sure to tease your hair a little at the front so it is not flat to your head, then tie it up in a little messy bun! Your hair can be however you want it, straight, curled, or just waved out, they all look gorgeous with the top knot! If you want to go with it all up, that is perfectly fine too! Loosely twist all your hair up into a topknot or spread it out some for a fabulous messy bun. The key to all of these summer styles is to make it loose and effortless. There is no perfect way to do any of these styles, really they are just messy and adorable! So, have fun with your hair this summer and make these trendy styles your own!