Be Best Dressed at Graduation

If you are currently a senior, graduation is probably approaching in the next few weeks, how exciting! Graduation marks a very important milestone in life, and it is definitely a time to celebrate! Whether you are graduating high school, college, or you are just attending a graduation ceremony, you need to have the perfect outfit! If you are graduating, yes, you will be wearing a cap and gown over your outfit, but it is still so important! You will be taking lots of photos and you will not want to wear your gown in all of them! So, whether you are an upcoming graduate or just a guest supporting someone you know, here are a few different outfit ideas that are perfect for the occasion! Dresses are definitely first on the list! Dresses are the ultimate go-to when it comes to graduation. If you are the graduate, you want to look classy and sophisticated, but still stylish. So, maybe go with something solid. A flowy look or a classic fit and flare are perfect options for the big day. It does not have to be anything ridiculously fancy or formal, just something that looks nice and fits you well. If a dress is not really up your alley, you could also do a nice romper. A dressy romper can be just as gorgeous as a dress without all the worry dresses bring! The same thing goes for anyone attending a graduation as well, it is supposed to be a nice, semi-formal event so definitely dress for success! Usually, high school graduations have caps and gowns that are their school’s colors. Often these are bright like reds, greens, blues, you get the point. So, it is hard to find an outfit that will not clash with your colorful cap and gown. For this reason, many girls choose to go with a white dress for graduation. A short white dress or romper can come in so many different styles and fits, the possibilities are endless! Whether you want a white lace look, a solid flowy look, or a stunning fit and flare, you cannot go wrong with a white dress or romper! Even if your school has bright colors, wear what you feel best in! After all, it is your day! Even though your outfit will be masked by your gown for ceremony, your shoes are still visible! This is something lots of people forget! Everyone will see your shoes when you strut across the stage to grab your diploma, so catch their eye and wow them with your shoe game! Wedges and heels are great options for graduations because the gowns can be so long and bulky, you need to elongate your legs! Wedges will be a better idea if your graduation is outside or if you have a long way to walk, you definitely do not want to trip! Bright shoes are great for graduation because they catch everyone’s eye and make you stand out in a sea of everyone dressed just like you. Bright heels especially look gorgeous with a white outfit to give a little pop of color! Even if you are wearing a colored dress or romper, patterned shoes can make a fabulous fashion statement! These few tips will help you slay graduation with style and grace!