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Graduation Outfit Inspo

Hey, seniors! You’re almost there!! It’s just about time for graduation, are you ready?! Graduation is such a fun and exciting time. Even though you’ll be wearing a cap and gown, your outfit is still important! A nice dress or romper is usually the go-to with graduation. So, let’s look for some super cute grad outfit inspo! White is always a super popular color to wear for graduation. It is such a pretty color for spring in general, but also looks so nice with your cap and gown, no matter what color it is. Trying to coordinate a dress to go with your gown can be stressful depending on what color it is, so white is always a solid option!...

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Be Best Dressed at Graduation

If you are currently a senior, graduation is probably approaching in the next few weeks, how exciting! Graduation marks a very important milestone in life, and it is definitely a time to celebrate! Whether you are graduating high school, college, or you are just attending a graduation ceremony, you need to have the perfect outfit! If you are graduating, yes, you will be wearing a cap and gown over your outfit, but it is still so important! You will be taking lots of photos and you will not want to wear your gown in all of them! So, whether you are an upcoming graduate or just a guest supporting someone you know, here are a few different outfit ideas that...

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