Graduation Outfit Inspo

Hey, seniors! You’re almost there!! It’s just about time for graduation, are you ready?! Graduation is such a fun and exciting time. Even though you’ll be wearing a cap and gown, your outfit is still important! A nice dress or romper is usually the go-to with graduation. So, let’s look for some super cute grad outfit inspo! White is always a super popular color to wear for graduation. It is such a pretty color for spring in general, but also looks so nice with your cap and gown, no matter what color it is. Trying to coordinate a dress to go with your gown can be stressful depending on what color it is, so white is always a solid option! You can add a pop of color to your look with some bright or patterned shoes! Shoes are important, especially because they’re all you can really see when you have your gown on. Pastel sundresses are always an option, as well. Something light and flowy is perfect for graduation. Throw it on with some cute wedges and you are set! Wedges are a great show option for graduation because you will be standing, and walking across the stage. You do not want to trip or anything, so make sure you break in your shoes a little or go with some old faithful ones! If you want to go a little more dressy, a fit and flare style might be just what you need! Fit and flare styles have a cute, fitted bodice and a flouncy skirt that flows out. The silhouette of a fit and flare cannot be beat! You can go solid or floral, and look so stunning for your special day! So, just a few reminders: wear comfy, cute shoes that you know you can walk well in; wear a dress with a neckline that is not super high or halter, so it looks nice with your gown; and soak up every minute! Graduation is such a special time for you and your loved ones, enjoy it and congrats!!