Beach Bag Beauty Essentials

Tomorrow is officially the first day of summer but it has probably felt like summer for a while now! While summer is already in full swing, you may have been on a vacation, or getting ready for a , or just spend these warm days by the pool! Regardless, we are going to highlight a few things that you definitely want to have in your beach / pool bag! First things first - sunscreen!! We all love a good tan, but we have to protect our skin! Especially, your face! And you will still get a pretty glow through the sunscreen. Whether it is Sun Bum, Haiwiian Tropic, Neutrogena, really whatever kind of SPF that works for your skin! The key to sunscreen is to reapply often and try to keep your skin hydrated after you get out of the sun, too! We all know how we go out to the pool or beach, is not how we look strolling back into the house. We leave ready for the perfect insta shot and then it all goes down hill with the heat and wind. This realization brings us to our next three essentials - detangle spray, a hairbrush, and makeup wipes. Detangle spray or a good leave-in conditioner is just what your hair needs to prevent huge knots and breakage. Spritz some in when you hop out of the pool or ocean and then use a brush to smooth it out. Our top pick for hair brushes is the Wet Brush - amazing on wet hair and prevents lots of damage! Makeup wipes are another thing to have on hand, whether you are wearing makeup other there, or not. Cleansing your face with a wipe can feel so good after a long day in the sun, or if you have on a little makeup, you can clean it up real quick before those raccoon eyes come out to visit hehe! Along with hydrating your skin, you have to hydrate your body! Pack a water bottle or two and stay sipping’ on it while you’re out in that brutal heat! Also, make sure you have some cute sunnies to keep the sun out of your eyes and to keep you from squinting all day. We would also recommend packing a hat. Whether your style calls for a floppy hat, ball cap, fedora, really whatever you like! Hats are perfect to add to any beach or pool look, and also keeps some of the sunshine off your face!