Fall Beauty Trends

Hello, hello, lovelies! It’s the middle of September, and we’ve got new beauty trends for you, darling! Whether it’s makeup, skincare, or hair products, we’ve got you covered. So today, let’s chat about what our favorite beauty product is.

Let’s start out with our makeup trend of the day. Everyone knows that natural makeup and stand out eyes are all the rage right now. This is why it’s time to pull that coral eyeliner out and go to town with it. But if the eyeliner isn’t your thing, then let’s hit the natural eyeshadow with a pop of bright pink in the corner.

Okay, but in all honesty, who doesn’t love the feeling of clear skin? I mean, it allows us to keep our natural look, so of course, everyone loves it! Sooo, I have the perfect product for you. Vitamin C serum. Best purchase ever. Have pigment discoloration? C serum has you covered. Definitely a favorite in today’s post!

Now for the hair! Another personal favorite trend is back. The braids. Dutch braids, french braids, those random braids you do to hold back your bangs. They’re allll the talk. Especially on TikTok, and who doesn’t love TikTok trends!