Halloween Makeup to Try Out

We are just one week away from the spookiest day of the year!! Are you ready?! Well, whether you have a costume in mind or not, we are here to give you some Halloween makeup inspo! From majestic mermaids, to fierce cat eyes or fun scarecrow makeup, we have you covered! These are some easier costume you can throw together last minute if you haven’t thought of anything yet! Okay, so let’s start with the mermaid look! All you need for this look is some shimmery eye shadow, it can be whatever color scheme you want to go for. We think that blue, green and purple are all solid mermaid color options, but you can do whatever you choose! Do some fun, colorful eye shadow and then to really bring out the mermaid look, pick up some fishnet tights and cut a small piece to stretch and blot the colorful eye shadow across the tights. This gives you the perfect scaly look! We think the colorful scales look best across your cheek bones and maybe a little on the forehead! Just be sure to do it in moderation! Top off your face makeup with some colorful lipstick that matches your eyes The last thing you need is some starfish or seashell accents. This can be a hair clip, sticker, really anything! Next up, let’s get fierce with some cat makeup! Whether you are going for just a cat or Cat Woman, this makeup is for you! The best way to describe this look is a smokey eye, but make it more dramatic! Take your winged eyeliner out a little further and bring it in towards your nose too for some extra flare! Next, shade in the bottom of your nose with black paint or makeup, and also do your top lip. Then add on some little dots and a few whiskers and you are set! Grab your cat ears and head out the door! Last but not least, scarecrow makeup! This one is definitely one of the easier ones to pull off, so no worries there! All you need is some blush, eyeliner and a little lipstick! So, start by doing some basics, or your normal everyday makeup. Then, you need to draw some stitches onto your face, too. The corners of your mouth are a good way to start and just add wherever you want from there! Red or nude lips top off the look and make it a total 10 out of 10!!