Our Back to School Essentials!

Sadly summer is coming to an end. Which means it's almost time for school to start up. Today, we are going to show our back to school essentials! With that being said, let’s dive right into this blog!

The first thing on our list is a planner. While a planner may be basic, it is the key to staying organized, no matter what age you are! However, we strongly recommend keeping a planner while in college, those assignments can pile up quickly! From our experience, keeping a planner is the easiest way to keep track of due dates, assignments, and even other important dates! If you do not want to keep a physical planner, you can always use the calendar on your phone!

The next thing you need to be sure you have is a good backpack. We know this is obvious thing on the school list, but we are going to tell you what things we look for in a backpack. We always look for one with lots of pockets, to stay organized! If you are in college, it is also good to have a backpack with a laptop pocket, for extra protection!

The last thing on our list is a rain jacket! You never know what the weather will be after you go into a class! Especially those across campus walks, no one wants to do that in the rain! It's always good to have your rain jacket! You might even use a compact umbrella that fits right in your backpack! We hope you enjoyed reading about our back to school essentials!