Spooky Halloween Makeup Looks

The countdown clock to Halloween is ticking! We are just 2 days away from the spookiest night of the year! If you are scrambling for a last minute look, we’ve got your back, sister! Makeup can easily be your whole costume, the actual outfit won’t matter if your makeup is on point! We rounded up a few gorgeous Halloween makeup looks, that are also easily attainable if you aren’t a guru when it comes to liquid eyeliner! 

Starting off super easy with this one - pale base, dark eyes, dark brows and a super dark lip. This makeup look paired with middle parted braids and a black and white outfit and you will be the newest member of the Addam’s Family! Easy peasy and only slightly spooky! 

Another character to easily become for Halloween festivities is Violet from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Remember her?! She constantly chews bubble gum and is notorious for track suits and her crisp bob! All you need is blue or purple eyeshadow,and some shimmer. Grab your comfiest track suit and some bubble gum and you will be ready! 

If you have some red, white and blue in your closet and a colorful eye shadow palette, you can easily transform into a Halloween Harley Quinn. Big, messy pigtail, red and blue eyeshadow, and bold red lips will give you the perfect look! It is a lot easier than you think to throw together a quick costume. Makeup goes a long way, so have fun with this!