Summer Nail Inspo

As May starts to wind down, Summer starts to feel a little closer! Some are still going to prom, some are getting ready for graduation, and others are just ready for a vacation. While all of these big and exciting events and trips are fast approaching, you have to make sure you are ahead of the game and ready! Regardless if you have a big event coming up, or just want to treat yourself, you have to make sure your nails are ready! We have pieced together some of our favorite summer trends that will hopefully give you a little nail inspo! If you want to keep is casual, one solid color always looks good. This season we have been seeing a lot of pastels like blush, lavender, coral and light blue. All of these are fabulous colors for sweet summertime! Solid nails are usually the go-to, especially if you are painting them at home or just cannot decide on a color when you are in the salon! Another good color to go with is white. White nails may sound kinda strange, but they are really pretty for the summer when you have a little more tan! They also will go with any outfit, so it's a win, win! One huge trend we have been seeing is painting your nails all different colors. Sounds weird, we know; but just wait until you see them, they’re actually really cute! Pick a few coordinating colors and have at it. There’s no reason your nails have to be plain- so have fun with it! Try it out and see what you think! Ombre nails are another big trend this season. Having your nails subtly fade into another color is so fun! For instance, you could get your nails painted a base of pink that fades into light peach or orange. You can really do this with any color combination you want, just pick your favorites! Nail color is meant to be fun! And even if you try something and you do not like it, no worries! You can always paint them again!