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Neon Numbers from La Femme

We don’t know about you, but we are soooo ready for some bright colors and spring weather! Bring on the sunshine and bright hues! La Femme fashion is known for their signature jewel tone numbers, but this year they have sprinkled in several bright, bold color options that are sure to make your prom dreams come true!!

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Cutout Details with La Femme Fashion

Hey girl, hey! Now is the perfect time to get started on the search for your dream prom dress. We know it’s November, but you know what they say, the early bird gets the worm! This catch phrase reigns true for prom shopping - when you start searching early, you get to see alllll the options before picking a fav! Now that finding the perfect fit is on your radar, let’s talk trends!  La Femme Fashion is always ahead of the trends and this season is right on par. One new trend we have been seeing celebs everywhere rocking is cutouts. Cutouts are making a comeback in the fashion world, so naturally La Femme had to get in on the...

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