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High-Low Trends from Madison James

We have been loving this weather lately! It is finally warm enough to break out the summer wardrobe! That means shorts, tank tops, and cute flowy dresses meant to keep you cool and stylish. Madison James knows the importance of staying comfortable in the sweltering heat! Say goodbye to those toasty formal gowns and hello to one of our favorite dress styles- the high-low! Madison James has a gorgeous selection of high-low gowns that are sure to keep you cute and comfortable! Style 18-608 is one of our favorite high-lows. It comes in two stunning royals, red and blue, along with black. It has skinny straps and a V neck, which makes it perfect for dressing up or down for...

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Trendy Two-Pieces from Madison James

Two-piece dresses are so in for prom, but the problem is that every other girl has one. Nobody wants to show up wearing the same dress as the girl who sits across from them in chemistry! Thankfully, Madison James has created some seriously unique two-piece dresses that will keep you from mirroring someone else’s look! Style 18-697 Is a gorgeous two-piece with a sequin design. The curly pattern is totally different than most sequin patterns, ensuring you’ll stand out! The high neckline and loose mermaid fit are sure to be flattering! It comes in three beautiful colors; royal blue, green, and black. Another two-piece that we love is style 18-700. The lace textured top is lightly beaded and has a...

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Pantone's 2018 Color of the Year

It’s already that time of year again! Pantone has released their color of the year for 2018 and it is stunning! People from all over the fashion world turn to Pantone for color ideas, pairings, and inspiration for new designs. Once Pantone releases the color of the year, that color starts to pop up everywhere! Handbags, shoes, clothes, and of course, formal dresses! THE color for 2018 is (drum roll, please), Ultra-Violet! Pantone calls this purple hue inventive and imaginative, two things we could probably all use a little more of! Pantone is relating this perfectly balanced hue to space and the “mysteries of the cosmos”. It is an encouragement to grow and discover even greater things that you have...

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