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Sparkling Sequins from Tiffany Designs

Tiffany Designs is killing the design game this season and we cannot get enough of it! From mermaids to captivating ballgowns and everything in between, Tiffany Designs has you covered! This collection from Tiffany Designs is so diverse and gorgeous! There are floral printed gowns, simple/plain gowns, and of course, our favorite: sequins!! Sequins are stealing the show this year and all of these gowns are fabulous. Style 16264 is a fabulous strapless a-line. While it is completely adorned in sequins, that’s not the best part. The best part is that it is actually ombre! Ombre is when something starts at a darker color and gradually fades to a lighter one. Our favorite color combo in this gown is the...

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