Trending Summer Accessories

Hey girl, hey! The summer of fabulous accessories is still in full swing and it has brought us some super cute, trendy accessories that we are just head over heels for! From jewelry, headbands, hair clips, belts, and everything in between, this summer has gifted us the fabulousness of bringing back some super cute accessories we used to know and love, as well as a few newbies! We all remember the days when we would wear a headband in our hair Every. Single. Day. Well, if you are missing the headband days or just longing for a fresh look, you’re in luck! Headbands have made an epic comeback and are better than ever! These new trendy headbands are usually covered in some kind of fabric. Our faves feature some pearl embellishing, making it a classy, super cute accessory! Headbands like these are the ultimate way to spruce up any outfit and make it feel complete! Now onto jewelry! Jewelry has a way of taking a boring old outfit and making it feel brand new! The perfect jewelry can go a long way! Coin necklaces are all the rage right now! These are usually layered looks, with some round, coin-like charms on them. Stacked necklaces, especially these coin looks are just so cute! They add a little extra spice to your outfit, and really set it over the edge! We’ve chatted about the hair clip trend before, but we are still loving it! Whether it is pearls, diamonds, or just gold, you can definitely find some hair clips that work with any outfit! While we really like the pearls and think you can wear a pearl hair clip with a lot of outfits, our very favorite of these barrettes is the tortoise color options! These are the brown ones with small specks of darker brown or black. It is subtle, but such a cute option to jazz up your hairstyle! These are just a few of our fav trending accessories right now, there are just so many good ones! You should definitely try one or all of these out and spice up your look!