Health Tips to get Prom Ready

Spring has sprung and prom is here! Yay! It’s finally April which means prom prep is in full swing! Hopefully by now you have your perfect gown, sparkly shoes, and some accessories, but what else is left to be done? Well, you may be forgetting one of the most important parts: your health! Get prom ready with a few simple, quick remedies for a perfect prom day and of course, perfect prom photos! First off, water should be your BFF for a week or so before prom. You will be amazed at all of the benefits to drinking water, and you will see results after just a few days! Water will help bring out your skin’s natural glow, leaving you gleaming on prom day! Another perk to water instead of soda, is clearer skin! Water helps cleanse your body and helps to clear up those unwanted blemishes and marks. What else can water do? Well, it helps to keep you from being bloated. Sodas and sugary drinks make most people’s faces to swell a little bit, making it look more round than it naturally should be. If you are one of those people that hate water, try to add some fruit to give it a little dash of flavor! So, start your prom prep now and start drinking those bottles of water! Along with drinking water, make sure you are moisturizing your skin! If you are wearing a dress with your arms exposed or a slit, you definitely want to have smooth, moisturized skin. The reality of moisturizing is, doing it daily or sometimes twice a day will keep your skin feeling and looking smoother! No one wants dry elbows in prom pics! Drink your waters, lotion your skin! If you are wanting to be a little more bronze for prom day, you can always go to a local salon and get a subtle spray tan. Many people shy away from them with the fear of “turning orange” but fear not! A subtle tan based on your natural skin pigment will be perfect! Just make sure to follow the instructions and wash off the excess tan the morning after! It’s amazing how much more confident girls feel with a tan and sprays are much safer than laying in a tanning bed. Lastly, if you aren’t feeling like your best self, do a few simple exercises to tone up! A few sit-ups, push-ups, and squats daily do wonders! Tone up those abs, arms, and legs with just a few in-home exercises and you will be feeling unstoppable! Following these few simple tricks and tips will help you to look and feel so confident!