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Happy New Year!

New Year, New You! With the new year upon us, better health is a goal all of us should work towards. Whether you want to eat healthier, squeeze in a few workouts a week, or even find time for mindfulness, all of these are excellent ways to take care of yourself. A new year brings about excellent opportunities and with the year we had last year, self care is a must! As far as workouts go, you could go for a nice run, a yoga session, or maybe even a short meditation. After all, working out doesn't always have to be physical. If working out isn't for you, you could try to incorporate healthy options into your diet such as...

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Quick Workouts for the End of Summer

We all know the end of summer is near when school starts back. The weather changed and everything is stressful, but what if your end of summer workouts didn’t have to be part of your upcoming stresses? Many people stop working out towards the end of summer because there's no need for that summer body and our time starts to become limited. However, it is still important to keep yourself in good health during the upcoming seasons. Here are some simple and less time consuming ways to work out for our busy schedules. Try this super simple and quick workout; begin with 40 jumping jacks, 30 crunches, 20 squats, and 10 push ups. This workout can help you burn an...

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Health Tips to get Prom Ready

Spring has sprung and prom is here! Yay! It’s finally April which means prom prep is in full swing! Hopefully by now you have your perfect gown, sparkly shoes, and some accessories, but what else is left to be done? Well, you may be forgetting one of the most important parts: your health! Get prom ready with a few simple, quick remedies for a perfect prom day and of course, perfect prom photos! First off, water should be your BFF for a week or so before prom. You will be amazed at all of the benefits to drinking water, and you will see results after just a few days! Water will help bring out your skin’s natural glow, leaving you...

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