Healthy Tips to get Ready for Summer

Tis the season for no school, tan lines, and vacations! Whether your school is still in session or already out, summer is in the air and closer than it may feel! Are you going to the beach? On a cruise? Going to hang out with friends by the pool? Whatever your summer plans may entail, it is the prime time to get your body ready for all the fun! So, let’s look at a few health tips to live by this summer! A daily workout or at least working out a few times a week will definitely help you get in shape for your upcoming vacation, and help you stay in shape for all the summer days to come. These workouts do not have to be anything super intense, and do not have to be daily two hour gym sessions. Just taking forty-five minutes out of your day to exercise will work! Easy at-home workouts are all you need to tone up; sit-ups, pushups, and squats can work wonders! Sit-ups will tone your abs up, push ups really tone your whole body, but will have your arms looking more trim, and squats will elongate your legs! All of these things will make you even more confident in your swimsuit and summer outfits! Next up, our favorite thing - food!! There is no better time for refreshing fruit than in the heat of the summer, right?! So, when you are tanning on the beach and need a snack, turn to a nice bowl of fruit! Strawberries, watermelon, oranges, bananas, any kind of fruit! They may have a bit of sugar in them, but it is a much better alternative to other heavy snacks, and a crisp bowl of fruit is so refreshing! Yum! One of the biggest health tips for summer is to hydrate! Water, water, water! Especially on vacation, you do not want to get dehydrated or too hot. Throw some fruit into your water bottle for a better taste if you are struggling with plain water! When you first think of summer, you probably think of a vacation, warm weather, and a tan! Getting a tan is almost inevitable in the heat of summer, but try not to get burned! Being tan is something a lot of girls strive for over the summer months, but make sure you are tanning safely! Use sunscreen, you will still get a little tan, but you do not want to completely fry your skin. In addition, if you do not already, moisturize your skin daily! Lather up your skin in a good lotion at least once a day to prevent dry patches and peeling. Especially make sure you are moisturizing your face, it is so easy to burn your face, and your skin is more fragile than you think! Summer is almost here and we cannot contain our excitement! Enjoy it, and keep these few health tips in the back of your mind along the way!