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Clean Eats for Summertime

Summer months are the perfect time to clean up your eating habits! It is so easy to fall into the habit of running through the drive-thru or overindulging during the school year. Our schedules are so hectic that we look for the quickest, most satisfying food and eat it without thinking. Unfortunately, those poor eating habits can spiral and be really difficult to shake. So, while you have extra time this summer, take some time to instill clean eating habits that will carry over into the busier months! These are a couple of our favorite clean eating tips for summer! Smoothies are one of the easiest (and tastiest!) ways to clean up your eating!! They are quick and perfect for...

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Healthy Tips to get Ready for Summer

Tis the season for no school, tan lines, and vacations! Whether your school is still in session or already out, summer is in the air and closer than it may feel! Are you going to the beach? On a cruise? Going to hang out with friends by the pool? Whatever your summer plans may entail, it is the prime time to get your body ready for all the fun! So, let’s look at a few health tips to live by this summer! A daily workout or at least working out a few times a week will definitely help you get in shape for your upcoming vacation, and help you stay in shape for all the summer days to come. These...

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