Beauty Tips for Summer

What is the best part of the summer season? Little to no makeup, of course! Relaxed summer days floating around the pool or lounging on the beach require nothing more than a cute swimsuit and sunglasses! So, if you are not feeling like putting on makeup some days, no worries! But, if you want to wear some, here are some easy, effortless looking tricks to summer makeup! If you are wanting to keep your face from getting too much sun, a little makeup with SPF in it will do the trick! You can either do a little foundation and loose powder to cover your skin, or just try a BB Cream and/or concealer. Concealer can work wonders, you will be amazed! Maybe one day you wake up to go to the pool with friends and discover a little blemish, cover it up with some concealer and wahh-lahh, you are ready to head out the door! You could even do a little bronzer to make you tan even from your face to neck, too. Most of the time you are going to want to get fully ready for a night on the town or a dinner out somewhere. So, when doing a full face of makeup in the summer, try not to make it too dark. When it comes to eye shadow, tans, pinks, and bronze colors work best for summertime. Keep it light, sparkly, and simple! You can still do the signature smokey eye, just stick to using browns and bronze colors instead of gray or black! Apply mascara and brows as usual, gorgeous lashes and perfectly shaped eyebrows never go out of season! A lip color can turn a look from drab to fab before you can even blink an eye! Whether you are wearing makeup or not, a little color or shine on your lips will instantly make you feel unstoppable! The fall and winter months are filled with deep lip colors like plum, dark red, and brown shades; well, it is time to brighten up your lipstick stash! Pinks, nudes, bright reds, and any other hue you want to throw in there! For bright summer outfits, bright lips go perfectly! For beach days and pictures with your besties by the pool, gloss is the way to go! A light pink or even clear gloss will work perfectly! So, whether you are getting glammed up for an event, or going casual on the beach, you should definitely try out these summer makeup tips and maybe even find some of your own! Happy Summer!!