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Must Try Summer Makeup Trends

Our summer is starting to come to a close, girls, and soon we won’t even have time to think about our highlighter! However, before we shave off some of our summer routines, like our makeup, let’s recap. What have we seen flourish in the beauty world this summer? Well, we’ve definitely seen heavy highlighter make a comeback along with contour. But the real show stopper was bright eye shadow. We all know the brighter the highlight the brighter the day. That’s so true, too! Highlighter never fails to give that cute yet sassy look. Plus there are tons of ways to get that finishing glow. Dewy skin is a summertime staple, so if you’re wanting a naturally highlighter look try...

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Beauty Tips for Summer

What is the best part of the summer season? Little to no makeup, of course! Relaxed summer days floating around the pool or lounging on the beach require nothing more than a cute swimsuit and sunglasses! So, if you are not feeling like putting on makeup some days, no worries! But, if you want to wear some, here are some easy, effortless looking tricks to summer makeup! If you are wanting to keep your face from getting too much sun, a little makeup with SPF in it will do the trick! You can either do a little foundation and loose powder to cover your skin, or just try a BB Cream and/or concealer. Concealer can work wonders, you will be...

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