Must Try Summer Makeup Trends

Our summer is starting to come to a close, girls, and soon we won’t even have time to think about our highlighter! However, before we shave off some of our summer routines, like our makeup, let’s recap. What have we seen flourish in the beauty world this summer? Well, we’ve definitely seen heavy highlighter make a comeback along with contour. But the real show stopper was bright eye shadow. We all know the brighter the highlight the brighter the day. That’s so true, too! Highlighter never fails to give that cute yet sassy look. Plus there are tons of ways to get that finishing glow. Dewy skin is a summertime staple, so if you’re wanting a naturally highlighter look try a really great moisturizer! It will give you that “glowing from within” look. If you’re wanting something that is a little more noticeable, but not super bold, try mixing an illuminator in with your foundation before you apply it! Illuminator helps to give a healthy glow as opposed to a heavy matte look! If you’re wanting to try a super bold look, grab an Anastasia palette and dust some color on your cheekbones, the arches of your brows, and down the center of your nose. This is sure to add that summery sparkle you’ve been dreaming of. Contour has been in for a while now, and we looove it. It’s the perfect way to get that professionally done makeup look from home! But, since summer days usually call for a little less makeup, a heavy contour usually isn’t the move on a daily basis. If you still love a contoured look, but you’re wanting to go a little lighter, we’ve got the beauty hack for you! Instead of doing a cream contour, take your bronzer and apply it lightly under your cheekbones, under your jawbones, and around the top of your forehead. This will give all the dimension of a fully contoured face while keeping it light and bringing out your tan! Finally, our favorite makeup trend of the summer.. bright eye shadow!! We are loving the pinks and orange tones on our eyes this summer! These colors are not only neutral enough to work with most looks, but they also give a fresh summer look that highlights your tan! And, it’s the perfect time to throw some glitter on those lids too! We love the Tarte cosmetics liquid glittering shadows. If you’re feeling extra bold, add some blue liner for bold retro vibes! Our favorite part about eyeshadow is that the looks you can create are endless so get creative, girl!