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Bright Whites by Alyce Paris

White dresses make a statement. They stand out in a crowd of colors and are effortlessly chic. Weddings are usually the first thought when you mention a white gown, but ivory isn’t just for brides! Some people even believe that you can only wear whites during the summer or until labor day, but we love our white wardrobe way too much to give it restrictions! These gorgeous gowns by Alyce Paris prove that you can rock bright white to any event, year round! Style 1318 is a super sweet style that would be perfect for winter formal or graduation later in the year! This short, flowy gown is made of a soft chiffon. It has lace detailing all over the...

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Short and Shiny Homecoming Looks by Rachel Allan

Homecoming is one of the best times of the year. The weather is just starting to cool off from a million degrees, you’re in the heart of Friday night lights, and you get to attend the first formal event of the school year! The homecoming dance is the perfect time to change up your typical prom look. Most girls do it up big when it comes to prom- the dresses are dramatic and the hair and faces are flawless. Definitely nothing wrong with that, we absolutely love seeing your stunning prom looks! But, homecoming is your chance to go for a look that is a little softer and subdued. Rachel Allan has got some seriously stunning looks (including shorts !!!)...

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Shine in Sherri Hill

It’s time to start picking your favorite dresses because formals and homecoming are quickly approaching! I remember sitting in high school classes and secretly scrolling through the newest Sherri Hill styles to decide which one I would wear to the next formal. Definitely should have been paying attention but the excitement was too much to contain, so if you’re reading this in class, I feel you- I’ve been there. Sherri recently released one of the most stunning Fall collections we’ve ever seen! It’s hard to narrow down to pick favorites, but for the sake of your grades I wanted to make this a quick read. So, check out these gorgeous new pieces and then you can get back to class!...

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