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Trending Summer Accessories

Hey girl, hey! The summer of fabulous accessories is still in full swing and it has brought us some super cute, trendy accessories that we are just head over heels for! From jewelry, headbands, hair clips, belts, and everything in between, this summer has gifted us the fabulousness of bringing back some super cute accessories we used to know and love, as well as a few newbies! We all remember the days when we would wear a headband in our hair Every. Single. Day. Well, if you are missing the headband days or just longing for a fresh look, you’re in luck! Headbands have made an epic comeback and are better than ever! These new trendy headbands are usually covered...

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Must-Have Winter Accessories

January is coming to a close, but winter is not quite over yet. February is the season of love and super cute outfits! So, with all that said, let’s talk about the latest trends! Cute beanies, dressy pea coats, and over the knee boots are huge staples for this season! If it’s still really cold in your area, or maybe even dropping a few snowflakes, a beanie is just what you need! Dressy or casual, beanies add a little extra flare to any outfit, and keep you warm at the same time; win, win! There are so many different styles of beanies and hats to choose from, so you will definitely find the perfect one to spice up your outfit!...

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Summer Nail Colors

Summer is the perfect time to be experimental with your nail colors! Don’t misunderstand, we love the deep, moody tones of fall and winter nail trends. But, summer allows you to mix and match all of the fun bright hues without looking out of place. So, now is the time to go bold with your mani/pedi!! These are a few of our favorite nail trends for summer. You really can’t go wrong with a hot pink manicure. Pink is a classy color, and a bright shade is so fun for the summer. MOve away from the light pinks and nudes that barely appear; these are perfect if you are attending a formal event, but if you’re trying to stand out,...

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